The Mother of Tanta’s ‘Youngest Victim’ Denies His Death After Photo Goes Viral

Via Mahmoud Teima
Via Mahmoud Teima


Today has been a very sad day for every Egyptian. Two bombs detonated in Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria and Saint George’s Coptic Church in Tanta. Tens of worshipers lost their lives on Palm Sunday and everyone has been left heartbroken.


During the social media frenzy that followed the explosions, a photo of a young boy in church holding a palm branch went viral, claiming that he is the youngest victim in today’s horrendous act of terror. Soon after, social media users started sharing a collage of the young boy before and after the Tanta explosion.


Via Mero Monna


Thankfully, the boy’s mother announced on Facebook that someone started sharing a photo of her son as the youngest martyr in Tanta. The parent took to social media to let people know that her child is alive and well, and urged people to stop sharing the fake rumor.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the fallen victims. May they all rest in peace.


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