The Most Anticipated Concert in Egypt is Taking Place in New Cairo This Friday!

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Literally, the most anticipated concert in Egypt since God knows when, Cairokee Empire, is finally taking place this Friday in New Cairo. Cairokee is the most popular band in Egypt, and their dedicated fanbase was waiting for a long time for their biggest concert yet to take place.

Via Facebook

The concert faced a lot of obstacles until it was finally announced, including being canceled for two times! The concert will take place in the original venue it was announced in, Cairo Festival City Mall! CFCM has lately been the venue of some of the most stunning concerts and music festivals, including Redbull Fel Share3, and Music Park!

It will take place on Friday the 11th of May, and the doors open at 3:00 PM! Tickets are sold at; EGP 150 for standing and EGP 400 for VIP area!

WE SAID THIS: We’re super glad and excited that the concert is finally taking place, and we can’t wait to be spammed on our timelines and stories by the Cairokee Empire!