#FollowMeTo Couple, Murad and Nataly Osmann, Just Landed in Egypt and Their Account Just Got A Whole Lot More Pharaonic

Our ultimate favorite traveling couple and the ones behind the #FollowMeTo project, Nataly and Murad Osmann, were recently spotted in the ancient land of Pharaohs, Egypt. Thanks to Experience Egypt, who organized the entire trip, the pair finally paid our country a visit after they received an invitation from the Ministry of tourism. They were spotted in front of Egypt’s majestic sites showing its beauty to the world, and they nailed it with their wonderful snippets and shots.

#followmeto Egypt Dendera . Do you like it??

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The gorgeous Nataly Osmann posed gracefully in front of the country’s most iconic landmarks, including the Sphinx, Temple of Hatshepsut, and Temple of Dendera. Others also contributed to the shoot and helped in making it look as authentic as it did. Those included fashion designer, Farida Temraz, and Stylist, Maissa Azab. Osmann’s costumes and makeup definitely made her look like a true Egyptian goddess.

The Russian traveler apparently didn’t just travel with her hubby, Murad Osmann. Irina Churilina, another travel blogger, joined the trip as well.

Here’s more from their trip…

Dendera temple amazed me like no other in Egypt. It manages to stay well preserved - even paint on the ceiling remained the same as if it had just been painted. There are few tourists here and the keepers are very polite and hospitable. They made us tea and explained some of the drawings on the walls. Can’t really explain the exact emotions that I felt in that temple - but it was definitely love and unity. Each of us understands love in its own way .. for someone, love is respect, for someone passion, for someone a mirror of the soul.. earth and heaven love... we were taught to connect these two strong forms of love ...Irisha @churilina I am grateful for your love and support. Learning from you. Дендера, особенно меня впечатлила в Египте. Храм очень хорошо сохранился, даже краски не стёрлись на потолке , туристов почти нет, и хранители этого места, очень воспитанные и радушные люди , сделали нам чай и рассказали про все рисунки на стенах ( даже провели нам ритуал). В храме чувствуется любовь и какое-то единение, чувство которые ты испытываешь внутри-неописуемо. Каждый из нас понимает любовь по своему : для кого-то любовь-это уважение, для кого-то страсть, для кого-то-то зеркало души, для кого-то трепет! Любовь земная и любовь небесная равноценны... Нас учили соединять эти два сильных состояния... Ириша @churilina , я так тебе благодарна за твою любовь, женственность, поддержку и самоотдачу ... учусь у тебя ❤

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Hold my hand forever ...

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You never forget your first kiss 😘😂

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WE SAID THIS: We’re super glad you enjoyed your stay!

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