The Largest Park in Sheikh Zayed Is About to Open Its Gates for You!

Via ORA Developers

The color green is about to invade your lives with the launch of the largest park in the heart of Sheikh Zayed. With Project Zed’s new park opening its gates for you, weekends are about to get 10 times better! Perfect for a morning jog, walking your fluffy pets, or taking the kids out for a fun outdoor experience.

Brought to you by ORA Developers and Egypt’s successful Businessman Naguib Sawiris, this new development project is promising vast landscapes and unique quality time. The 65-acre park introduces the kind of calm lifestyle and tranquility residents of the neighborhood are looking for away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Other than that, residents will embrace commercial hubs, all interconnected with a pedestrian boulevard. It all pours down to a myriad of cafés, restaurants, and shopping outlets. The anticipated project is not just a walking distance from Project Zed’s residents but is also easily accessible by all 6th of October goers as its close to the 26th of July Corridor.

We cannot disagree with the fact that greenery equals happier selves. Alluring green spaces spread feelings of joy, as well as positive vibes; it’s proven!

Via ORA Developers

Greenery reduces stress

Studies have shown that green spaces and one’s mental health are related. Spending more time outdoors and having a breath of fresh air will definitely help one unwind and release stress.

The color green positively affects your mind

The color is often associated with energy, growth, nature, freshness, and renewal; all indicating that green is the color of life. That being said, it seems that you’ll finally experience an overall peaceful state of mind, especially with stress eliminated.

No more negativity

Be it a pessimistic behavior, feelings of sadness, aggression, or even violence, you can kiss all of that goodbye. With that amount of positive vibes being poured into your day, such things will be eliminated. That’ll result in an overall improvement in one’s mental health and even lower rates of violent attitudes.

Parks encourage you to stay active

With a positive attitude encouraged, having vast green spaces will motivate you to get engaged in physical activity and exercise more often. Morning jogs, here we come!


WE SAID THIS: Say hello to park life! All thanks to ZED!