The First Female Drift Racer in the Middle East

Photo: Naim Chidiac for Red Bull

By Salma Khattab

Palestinian woman, Noor Daoud, who has had a lifelong love for motorsports, cars, and bikes, has become the first female drift racer in the Middle East.

Nour has had a love for motorsports and cars since childhood and started training herself on the streets, using her mother’s old BMW. However, she wasn’t satisfied, as she craved something more extreme and powerful.

By time, she started to become more widely known on Instagram and other social media platforms. She then decided to take her hobby to the next level and customised her old car to become more suitable for drifting. Eventually, she sold it and bought a new car, a BMW E46 M50 900 HP.

Photo: Naim Chidiac for Red Bull

Things got more serious with Noor when she was invited to the Red Bull Car Park Drift, live on MBC Action; her first real competition.

In an interview with Red Bull, Noor was asked about drifting and said that it was her life, passion and source of happiness. She added that the sound of a car’s engine is what brings her the most happiness.

She became part of the Prodrift Academy, a professional drift racing training facility in Dubai, where she trains and teaches people from all over the world.

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