The Event of a Lifetime – How 360 Sudr Successfully Gave Birth to the Kitesurfing Nationals

“I believe in Ras Sudr. I believe in this spot,” said Mohamed Amer, owner of the 360 Kitesurfing Centre. 

360 Sudr, the leading kite surfing facility in Ras Sudr, caters to both beginner and advanced riders from Egypt and around the world. Their latest event, The Egyptian Nationals Kitesurfing Championship 2021, organized by Amer himself, was a magical experience shared amongst everyone who attended it. From its simplicity and consistent wind, to its open waters, lagoons and spaciousness, 360 Sudr is the prime location for anyone looking to experience kitesurfing for all that it is.

The two-day event started early on Thursday morning, where a variety of kite surfers practiced their freestyle kite tricks in the open sea. The setting was simply beautiful with warm vibes hanging in the air, whether or not you were from Ras Sudr, you surely felt welcomed. The music was light, and the ambience was radiant with laughter and love. There was a true joy to witnessing the art of kite surfing authentically come to life.

The scope of the competition included Freestyle Men, Freestyle Women, Twin Tip Racing and Foil Racing. The commentary of the judges was rather amusing with a subtle undertone of effortless humor. There was also a wholehearted comedic narration by radio presenter Mohamed Badrawy, making the event not just a competition, but a place to leave everything behind, and connect under one shared purpose: to have fun.

The action-packed weekend was filled with music, delicious food, and a spectacular show of incredible moves and tricks by the competitors. There was a tremendous amount of support from the crowd, and likely to win or not, every kite surfer was in it for the ride. The calm turquoise waters of Ras Sudr induced a tranquil ambience that enabled the onlookers to sit back and relax, as well as appreciate this energizing sport. 

All of this was made possible by the Egyptian Sailing and Waterski Federation, alongside Amer’s clever diligence. They managed to bring two-time kitesurfing world champion Yori Zoon as a judge, who graced us with his presence at the event. To have someone with undeniable talent and skill set comment on the “amazing level” of Egyptian kite surfers, and his expectations that they will “reach the world cup level,” are reasons for all the competitors to raise their chins with Egyptian pride. 

When asked about his favorite kite surfing location, Zoon quickly responded, “Ras Sudr.” And, given the sincerity of the event and its stunning setting, we can understand his reasons for choosing this location. After all, Ras Sudr has everything a kite surfer needs; the vibes are different, and simplicity is the core here. People go there to lay back and detach from the real world. It is a space for each and every person looking to pursue kite surfing. And, as Amer so beautifully puts it, it’s not just a sport, “it’s a lifestyle, a lifestyle that is absolutely worth pursuing.”

During the next day, everyone was very proud to see Egyptians of all ages and backgrounds, gather together to stand and pose on the podiums when presented with their awards. The day progressed from a very chilled atmosphere, and gradually escalated ’till it was time to party! 

Having hosted previous events such as Air Battle 1 & 2, Youri Zoon’s Kite Camp, & Andromeda NYE Parties, this event’s success was definitely well-deserved. And those who experienced the entirety of the event will know that even though not everyone went home with a trophy, everyone went home a winner. 

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