The Egyptian NCCM just Received Praise by the African Union for Combating Child Marriage

While the rate of child marriage in Egypt is declining, according to the UNICEF, there are still religious and traditional customs that are stalling this progress. The issue of early marriage is a drastic issue that cannot be left ignored, and the recent efforts to stop that deprives the girl of all her rights in Egypt are getting recognized. The Secretary-general of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood  (NCCM), Azza El Ashmawi received praise from Mary Bacom, the special rapporteur on the council’s role in combating child marriage in Egypt in their meeting this Tuesday.

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Azza El Ashmawi received this praise in a meeting on Tuesday evening, with the presence of UNICEF Egypt Director, officials of the ministries of interior, foreign affairs, justice, population, as well as representatives of the National Council for Women, Al Azhar, and the Church.

The UNICEF representative in Egypt, Bruno Mays added that there is a decline in the prevalence of early marriage in some areas in Egypt, however, there is another increase in Upper Egypt and rural area. Also, one of the most important results of the cooperation with (NCCM) was the formation of the national team to eliminate violence against children.

WE SAID THIS: We are all in hopes of ending this tragic phenomenon in Egypt!