Kojak Studio Dominated The Gouna Film Festival’s Red Carpet

Whenever you start complaining about how busy your week was, remember that a local designer had to dress ten stars in glitter and glam for the whole world to judge. The Gouna Film Festival’s second edition has been a huge success so far, yet whether we like it or not, most followers’ knowledge in the matters of cinema is nothing compared to fashion.

The whole country has suddenly turned into a long excruciating episode of Fashion Police. One man who has been under the spotlight this week is Mohanad Kojak. We have no idea how he managed to pull this off, but this designer managed to dress nine women and one man on the red carpet, and the festival isn’t over yet. Could more Kojak Studio items be coming our way? The designs are everything from short glittery-fringed dresses and sleek long basic ones to huge Victorian gowns.

This is the most talked about designer this year. No man has managed to dress this number of stars this year. Take a look at some of Kojak Studio’s biggest red carpet moments:

Nelly Karim

Via Kojak Studio

Ingy El-Mokkadem

Via Ingy El-Mokkadem

Asmaa Galal

Via Asmaa Galal

Aisha El-Shabrawy

Via Kojak Studio
Via Aisha El-Shabrawy

Ahmed El-Fishawy and wife

Via Kojak Studio

Engy Kiwan

Via Engy Kiwan

Jamila Awad

Via kojak Studio

Sarah Abdel Rahman

Via Sarrahsworld

WE SAID THIS: We couldn’t be prouder of our local designer and what he has accomplished at such a young age.