Tamer Hosny’s Latest ‘Naseny Leh’ Goes Viral and Here Are Our Thoughts

Via Youtube

Egypt has always been number one when it comes to filmmaking in the Arab world. However, it is quite noticeable that the industry is witnessing improvement in the recent years. Not just in the cinema industry, but in all other aspects of production of drama, advertising, and music videos.

And since we brought up music videos, it’s definitely worth mentioning Tamer Hosny’s latest ‘Naseny Leh’. Not that I’m a fan of Egypt’s favorite pop sensation, but one still has to recognize good work. And I have to say, if Hosny’s hit made it as #1 on YouTube’s trending list in less than a week, then something right must have been going on.

Last weekend, Hosny dropped a six-minute + music video for one of his latest songs. Putting aside the song itself, I’m honestly here to discuss the visual aspect of the clip. Director Said El Marouk has exceeded expectations as he went with a storytelling technique that resulted in extending the original song that was first released late 2018. The hopeless romantic storyline was a bit of cliché, but after all, that what would’ve appealed to Hosny’s fans. However, he avoided that pitfall by playing around with the plot and the editing.

That’s where Video Editor, Amr Akef, fits into the equation as he perfectly executed Marouk’s vision that included reminiscing as well as the reality V.S expectations style. Going back and forth between the past and the present, the music video took viewers on a heartbreaking visual journey. Decent coloring and shooting in 4k are definitely the cherries on top, showing how the industry in Egypt is trying to keep up with worldwide standards.

Other than that, something that I found the most impressive of all, was that there was an obvious promotion for the Pearl of the Mediterranean, Alexandria. From the drone shots viewing the cosmopolitan city from above to the lovey-dovey scenes at Aida Beach that only Alexandrians can relate to, it was all on point. And of course, it wouldn’t have been the same without incorporating the city’s very own Bibliotheca Alexandrina in the storyline.

The song is part of Hosny’s album, ‘Eish be Sho’ak’. On the other hand, the music video, starring Superstar Aseel Omran, is proudly and entirely produced by Tamer’s very own TH Production.

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