Tal Al Sultan In Jericho, Palestine Becomes World Heritage Site

Founded in the late Stone Age, Jerico is dubbed by many as the oldest city in the world with constant human settlement. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designated the ancient Tal Al Sultan site as a Palestinian World Heritage site.      

The outline of a fully-fledged urban center with artifacts and remains of people and animals have been found there over the years cementing its historical significance.

Via The Archeologist

Despite the Bronze Age Collapse that hit many civilizations in the Middle East and Mediterranean, the city remained habited throughout the ages until today.

However, Jericho is not the only city in the Orient that has survived the test time, as Damascus, Aleppo, Byblos, Erbil, and Susa in Iran have housed people for thousands of years.

Farming, Trade, and relatively stable weather made the Middle East the birthplace of many civilizations and religions as it remained a hospitable sport for humans to live despite warring empires and kingdoms throughout the region’s rich history.

The Palestinian authorities applauded the declaration made in a UNESCO convention in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia recognizing the authenticity and unique history of the Palestinian people.

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