Celebrating Saudi Arabia’s 93rd National Day, Air Force & Navy Put On Shows

Saudi Arabia celebrates its 93rd National Day on September 23rd as the country’s armed forces will carry out air and maritime shows for the public.  

The kingdom will go green with Saudi flags this Thursday, as the 23rd coincides with a Saturday, the customary festivities, special songs, and other celebrations prepared for citizens and expats throughout the weekend.

Via The Aviationist

The Royal Saudi Air Force will be flying jets over 13 cities across the country performing maneuvers and displays of skill to entertain spectators in the biggest show of its kind to date.

The seaside town of Jeddah will be witnessing a navy parade with other elements of the army and security forces making demonstrations of skills and showcasing their abilities to the public as well.   

Via Zamzam

Fireworks and music festivals will be happening all over KSA to mark the establishment of the Saudi state as the House of Saud changed the country’s name to match that of the ruling family after unifying the Kingdoms of Hejaz and Najd.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has transformed greatly and aspires for more positive changes under the auspices of the Saudi Vision 2023 masterplan to further improve its economy and quality of life.     

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