Conjoined Syrian Twins Set For Life-Changing Separation Surgery In Riyadh

Saudi doctors gear up to perform a complex operation to separate conjoined Syrian twin brothers on Thursday. Bassam and Ihsan, who arrived in Riyadh with their parents on May 22 via a Saudi medical evacuation plane from Ankara, Turkey, are both two years and seven months old, weighing in at a combined 19kg. The Saudi Press agency reported that medical examinations have shown that they are joined at the lower chest area and share an abdomen, liver, and intestines.

Led by Dr. Abdullah Al Rabiah, head of the medical team and general supervisor of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre, the five-stage operation is expected to take nine and a half hours and will involve at least 26 consultants, specialists, technical, nursing, and support staff.

While Ihsan is the more dominant twin, medical examinations reveal that Bassam lacks vital organs such as kidneys, a urethra, a bladder, and reproductive organs. On the other hand, Ihsan has major congenital heart defects and brain atrophy, which has affected his neurological development, making his chances of survival slim.

Despite the challenges, the medical team decided last month to perform surgery to save Bassam’s life. This operation marks the 58th within the Saudi program for conjoined twins, which has successfully handled 130 cases from 23 countries since 1990. Get ready to witness a remarkable feat of medical expertise and human compassion as the team works tirelessly to give these twins a chance at a healthy and fulfilling life.

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