Abu Dhabi Clinics To Incorporate Mental Health As Part Of Its Routine Check-Ups

Abu Dhabi’s public-run clinics are set to incorporate mental health with routine check-ups. The system will be adopted on patients coming in for normal check-ups where they will be asked about their mental well-being, they will be asked to fill out a simple checklist followed by a referral to a nurse or specialist accordingly.

This new system hopes to identify and therefore diagnose illnesses early on, being able to take action when cases are still in the early or moderate range. It is also a step towards making patients feel more comfortable in seeking help without having to share if they’re coming in for a psychiatric or a physical illness.

Dana Al Marzooqi, a family medicine doctor in Abu Dhabi, shared how this addition is easing patients into getting their check-ups, “they appreciate the confidentiality.”

Around 100 specialists have been trained to diagnose mental health issues and 450 medical professionals have also been trained in suicide prevention. It is important to note that most patients suffering from mental health issues that Al Marzooqi documented were related to adjustment problems post Covid-19; where patients recorded symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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