Iconic Composer Hans Zimmer To Make Dubai Debut This Weekend With Two-Day Concert

Iconic German Composer, Hans Zimmer is set to make his Dubai, Middle East debut this weekend with a two-day concert playing our favorite soundtracks at the Coca-Cola Arena; set to take place from Jan.27 to 28.

Behind many hits such as “Come What May” the somber yet uplifting soundtrack of the classic musical, “Moulin Rouge” or the gripping, unforgettable soundtrack of “The Dark Knight Rises” blending musical genres of classical orchestra and upbeat loud electronics perfectly supporting the journey of Christopher Nolan’s “Batman.”

The multi-Grammy and Academy Award-winning composer has composed over 500 projects, crossing genres and languages with his last soundtrack for Denis Villeneuve’s Sci-fi epic, “Dune”; helping bring to life Paul Atreides’ saga.

Ending the 28th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival on a high, Zimmer is set to take center stage where he will perform some of the aforementioned hits.

Though tickets are sold out for the first concert, there are tickets still available for the second day on Jan. 28 which can be purchased through Visit Dubai.

While the set list isn’t revealed yet, he’s sure going to play favorite classics. Who knows, maybe he will tease snippets from his upcoming soundtracks for the sequel to “Dune” or the prequel to “The Lion King”, “Mufasa.”

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