Surviving Captivity: The Inspiring Journey Of Shorouk Dwayyat, A Former Palestinian Hostage

Breaking free from the inhumane conditions of Israeli prisons was the second batch of Palestinian hostages. These women and children bring with them stories of the years of their lives lost in captivity. One of them is the recently released prisoner Shorouk Dwayyat who was in no way expecting to be released while awaiting yet another eight years of captivity.

Back in October 7, 2015, she was going about her day as normal, taking a walk back home to her house near Al-Aqsa mosque when she was met with her unfortunate fate. A settler surprised her by trying to remove her hijab, then shot her with 4 bullets and left her on the ground to bleed for half an hour. She was arrested on that day.

After she underwent skin and arterial transplants to fix her injuries, she was sentenced to 16 years in prison and fined 80,000 shekels for allegedly carrying a weapon. Fast forward 8 years later and Dwayyat finally got to see her freedom as one of the Palestinian hostages released as per the 4-day truce.

A video of her embracing her family members after all these years has been circulating all over social media and showcasing the heartfelt moment that at many times, was never thought to be possible by both Dwayyat and her family.

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