Support Groups For All: Egyptian Outlets For Those Seeking Help

Ever felt like you were going through an experience that no one will ever really understand? Ever felt a sense of relief when someone understands or validates what you’re going through?

Gatherings of people suffering or have suffered from similar painful experiences, in which people can relate to one another, can be very therapeutic. And therefore, we gathered a list of support groups for a variety of disorders and medical conditions that may make you feel a little less alone.

DBT Egypt – DBT

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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a type of psychotherapy used to treat Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Alexandria’s DBT Egypt is the first DBT therapy center in the Arab region. It was founded by Dr. Ahmed Abdelkerim, a consultant psychiatrist in Alexandria, who earned his certificate as a DBT coach at the University of Washington in the US.

Abdelkerim offers extended courses in DBT, under the four areas of this psychotherapy, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, mindfulness and distress tolerance.

Freedom Egypt – Sex Addicts Support Group

Sex Addiction – a highly stigmatized and misunderstood condition in Egypt – is a state characterized by compulsive participation in sexual activity. Freedom Egypt founded by Dr.Ehab El Kharat, hosts a support group for sex addicts to support those who need a safe space to talk about their condition.

Osana Family Wellness – NA

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Those who want to stop using drugs often becomes members of a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) support group. Founded by Jimmy Kinnon, NA suggests that people can recover from addiction through its twelve-step program. Osana Wellbeing Centre is one of many places that host NA meetings.

Holy Family Catholic Church -AA

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is also a twelve-step program, but for alcoholics. AA meetings are hosted in the Holy Family Catholic Church along with other locations. During AA meetings, people share their experiences, faith and hope with each other in order to support each other through the difficulties and struggles alcoholics go through.

The Clinic Behman – CoDA

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CoDa meetings are a recovery program for codependence. The meetings enable those who suffer from CoDa learn how to develop and maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships. The Clinic Behman hosts CoDA support groups.

Exist Counselling Center – Eating Disorders

Exist Counselling Center offers support groups for those suffering from eating disorders, including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia and Binge Eating.

Caritas – PLHIV

Caritas Egypt offers support groups for people living with HIV, to reduce the stigma and discrimination facing those who suffer from it. Caritas is a leading non-profit organization in Egypt that tackles different social issues including mental health and refugees.

The Clinic Behman – Bipolar

The Clinic Behman also offers support groups for Bipolar disorder, characterized by extreme mood swings including emotional highs and lows.

Nine Psychology – Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder is a long-term and overwhelming fear of social situations. Nine Psychology is a wellbeing center that practices a holistic approach with its patients and offers therapy groups for those who suffer from the illness.

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AWARE Clinic – Cancer Support Group

Dr.Wafaa Abdel-Hadi is a Clinical Oncology Specialist and the Founder of AWARE Clinic for Cancer Awareness. Those who suffer from cancer undergo painful emotional and physical experiences, which is why having a support group in which they can empathize with one another can be a source of validation and means of mental survival.

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