Eric Zemmour: L’Oréal Brings Leading Hair Expert to Egypt


We sat down with world-famous hair stylist and L’Oréal Professionel Ambassador Eric Zemmour this week amidst a week-long visit to Egypt and talked shop.


Zemmour has been working in the industry since he was only 16. “Hairdressing is a passion I have had since childhood,” he told told us, ever since he used to go with his mother to get her hair done. He started working in a salon when he moved from his home in Aix-en-Provence to Nice, where he had family who worked as hairdressers. “That was my start,” he said. He worked very hard, both in and out of the salon. “I went to roadshows and did hair dressing for free,” he said. This is where he started meeting people who helped him along the way, finally reaching his current cooperation with L’Oréal.


The roadshows are the most interesting part of his job. “Traveling in and of itself is like taking a spiritual lead where the creativity comes on board and you just release it on stage,” he told us. When working in a salon you’re essentially giving the customer a ready-to-wear look, but when on stage “you can be really artistic.” He defined his personal style as elegant, glamorous, and easy to put on.



They are also the most challenging part of his job: every time he travels for a roadshow he meets a new crew on the ground. He never knows what’s going to happen next, so he always has to be ready to make the best out of a new experience. On this trip to Egypt he’s surrounded by a good team, he said. This week he performed roadshows in both Cairo and Alex, as well as two days of styling sessions with Cairo’s best hairdressers.


He is here to launch L’Oréal Professionel’s Spring and Summer “It Looks,” the ‘cool blonde’ and ‘vibrant burgundy.’ What is noteworthy of this seasons trends, he said, is their versatility: they are designed to adapt to any woman. This season’s goal is to “reshape the way everyone perceives the genuine beauty of summer colors,” according to a press release.


So far, Zemmour said he has been enjoying his trip to Egypt, although he has mainly been working. “Everyone has been very kind,” he said, adding that he would love to come back again. He also gave a piece of advice to aspiring hair stylists: “Get out of your comfort zone,” he said. “Look outside the box. Dig deeper for new trends – what’s happening outside the salon, with the fashion houses? Dig deeper and don’t get stuck in your comfort zone with what you feel safe doing.”



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