Courtyard Food Festival: A Break from the Mundane in Maadi


Fridays with my boyfriend are typically spent with the two of us asking each other what the other wants to eat, until we give up and order shawerma from the place down the block. Being the typical Maadi folk we are, we refuse to leave Maadi, but a few weeks ago we finally mustered up the appetite to get off the couch and give up basic shawerma for a culinary overdose.



We headed to the Courtyard Festival, a day filled with food, friends, and entertainment for everyone at the Courtyard Maadi. But despite having 18 different food venues to choose from we still argued on where we should eat. I mean, come on! Latin or seafood? or Asian? Or international? Something just never change. We stuffed our faces with a little bit of everything from everywhere until we were full…and then hungry again, and then went in for seconds and thirds and unnecessary fourths.



We chilled out for the rest of the day, basking in the sun and catching up with other Maadians who refuse to leave town. The unstoppable Cadillacs hit the stage to rock the festival before a Michael Jackson flashmob stole the show, getting down to ‘Billie Jean.’ The show was wrapped up by Salalem’s and their indie Arab hits as the Courtyard Festival came to a close.


WE SAID THIS: Long story short, my boyfriend and I found something to agree on when it came to food, Maadi’s Courtyard Festival.