Stuck in Cairo: Here Are Low Budget Activities To Keep You Occupied This Eid

Cairo aerial View and Nile River in Egypt

Cairo, a city of magic and history, constructive chaos and absolute serenity…everything and its opposite. For the world, Cairo, home to The Great Pyramids is a must-see, the top of a bucket list. As Egypt comes to celebrate a long holiday, however, Cairo city dwellers are taking the opportunity of good weather and long holiday to travel to close by beaches. Not all are so fortunate, whether it’s a tight budget or not wanting to get into the hassle of planning, we’ve conjured up a list of things to do for those choosing to stay in good ol’ Cairo.

For The Film Buff In You

Imagine this, just you, your coach, TV, and some popcorn. The long break is the perfect time to catch up on the movies and films you have wanted to watch but never had the time. You may even want to watch the Ramadan shows that you have missed. If you are somewhat nostalgic, you could watch classic Masraheyat like “Madrast Al-Mushaghebeen” or “El Eyal Kebret.” From VOX to Galaxy, take a trip to the nearest cinema and here is a tip, be sure to book in advance to avoid the crowds and long lines.

Go For A Walk In Downtown Cairo

One of the greatest things about being in Cairo in Eid is that everyone else is not! Enjoy the rare sight of an empty city. Take a stroll through the streets of Downtown and admire the inspiring architecture. Stop for a coffee break at the renowned downtown landmarks “Cafe Riche” or “Groppi” or have an authentic Egyptian meal at Felfela. Pass by Abdel Khalek Tharwat St and visit “Stephonsons Pharmacy,” a century-old pharmacy in the heart of downtown Cairo. 

Stay Home

There is no better time to practice self-care and gratitude. Spend this vacation decluttering, disconnecting, and taking care of your mental health. You may want to go on a social media cleanse and turn off your notifications for a day or two. Use this time to reflect on the previous month and try new activities such as yoga or reading your favorite book to calm your mind or even catch up on sleep. Stay in for a day or two and enjoy the company of your loved ones and plan a movie night or a game night together. Try getting your hand on these cool games such as “2oolameme” and “Carnaval.”

For The Adrenaline Junkie

Do you feel like you need to blow off some steam? Do you think you are ready for an adventure? Fuel up and enjoy these thrilling activities. Take a trip to Sky Park and complete their 4-level obstacle course, from zip-lining to climbing, your courage will surely be out to the test. If you are looking for something closer to the ground but still thrilling enough, try going to an escape room with your friends. Unlock your inner detective at Trapped which offers escape rooms with reality-like environments and interactive games where players solve puzzles collaboratively in order to escape before time expires.

Go to a Park

When in doubt, go to the park. Take some time to connect with nature, refresh and breathe in some fresh air. The city is filled with parks that will take your breath away. Name a better place to take a walk or run and lock in your daily exercise than in a park surrounded by trees and flowers. Bring out the basket and snacks and have a picnic with your friends while listening to some music. Remember to bring your favorite book along and enjoy reading amongst nature.

Enjoy The Panoramic View

Ever seen the city from above? Go up the Cairo Tower to experience a 360 view of the city. Head up the hills of Moqattam, more specifically the Mokattam Corniche. The corniche is full of cafés, from Arabian-style cafes that will offer hookah and an Arabian setting to low-budget cafes with plastic chairs and tables. No matter which one you opt for, you will still witness the beautiful sight of Cairo from above.

Tour the Nile

Take advantage of one of the city’s greatest blessings, the river Nile. Take a long walk along the Corniche that runs from Zamalek to Maadi. Experience the new “Mamsha Ahl Masr,” a ​​1.8 kilometers two-level promenade along the Nile Corniche that offers a variety of cafes, restaurants and commercial booths. Kayak your way through the Nile and enjoy a hands-on experience with Zamalek Kayak or Nile Kayak club. For a more relaxed experience, take a Felluca and witness the sun setting on the surface of the Nile.

There you have it, seven low-budget activities to keep you occupied this Eid; your friends in Sahel will be jealous.

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