6 Ramadan Shows Stealing Our Hearts This Season

As someone who has grown up plastered in front of my television, it became my very own tradition to create lists of which shows to watch each year and in which order. However, with the recent rise of streaming platforms and ubiquitous ads, that schedule became a note on my phone with simple shows to check off for the day and shows that I will be…avoiding. So as my tradition lives on I’ve watched a little bit of everything from the first round of episodes and based my list on the strength of the storyline, casting, directing and pacing.

Meen Qal?

From Mariam Naoum’s workshop, ‘Sard’, a workshop that breeds top scripts as a group of talented writers come together to bring us this years, “Meen Qal”. It is refreshing to see the show dominated by talented young actors. As is common for Naoum’s work, the show tackles subjects that are often overlooked. In this case, we follow Sherif played by young actor Ahmed Dash as he faces the dilemma between obeying his father’s wishes or stepping out of his father’s shadow and achieving his education and business dreams. This show also raises important points about ingenuity, panic attacks, and much more on mental health.

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Rageen Ya Hawa

A breath of fresh air. Inspired by Writer Osama Anwar Okasha’s work, this show is an overdose of charisma. Filled with dynamic duos you didn’t know you needed such as Khaled El-Nabawy and Nour or Nour El-Nabawy and Salma Abu Deif, the chemistry between the cast is infectious. We follow a domestic family drama, cut through with sharp sarcasm as we are introduced to Baligh played by Khaled El-Nabawy and the issues he’s facing with his family over the inheritance. Watch for the mystery but stay for the charm fest!

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Faten Amal Harby

Nelly Kareem is back this year with yet another dose of melancholy like never before. Her sad tale is written by the witty writer and show host Ibrahim Eissa, making this his television writing debut. The show delves into important issues in regard to domestic violence and women’s rights in relation to divorce. Following Faten’s (Nelly Kareem) divorce, we track her painful journey with her kids as she tries to maintain her power and provide for them. A vital show to check out this Ramadan.

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Ahlam Saeeda

A surprising change by our Egyptian queen Yosra. After a couple of years of pursuing roles where she was cheated on, loses her child, and loses her child again, the versatile actress decided to switch her handkerchief for a big floppy hat, easing us into a lighter genre yet equally effective with its conversation. We follow Farida (Yosra) a rich woman who goes blind due to a car accident and is on the hunt to uncover who caused it. This leads her to join an insomniac support group, where she embarks on a journey along with other women, equally fruitful characters. Filled with gorgeous colors, witty banter, and enough heart to go around, a welcome change from Yosra.

Suits Arabia

The OSN adaptation that follows the USA’s success doesn’t disappoint. Starring Asser Yassine, Ahmed Dawood, Saba Mubarak, Tara Emad, and many more. But let’s get one point out of the way while the title is not so creative, and the adaptation is a carbon copy the show is exceptionally well produced. So don’t judge a book by its cover and delve into this world of lawyers and judges as they navigate quite crucial issues such as sexual harassment in the workplace.

Maktoub Alayah

Imagine what would happen if you woke up one day, and learned that everything that will happen was imprinted on your arm? That’s the story of Akram Hosny’s comedy “Maktoub Alayah.” In the show, we track Galal, a reckless wannabe singer who has a crush on a bank teller but his life is a mess, to the extent that he bribes his colleague to take him to see her. Enveloped in a unique premise, the lighthearted show is full of witty one-liners as we follow Galal on his wild ride with this new…power?

There you have it, six Ramadan shows of various genres that will keep you glued to your television until its iftar time. You’re welcome.

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