How Not to Get Sick from Flying on an Airplane

Sheesh, anyone else out there freaked out to fly and catch Ebola? While that threat is not huge, catching something else from an airplane or passenger is. It’s no coincidence that you often start feeling sick days after landing.


Here are some tips to keep you healthy while flying on an airplane.



Wear a hoodie


Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.23.08 AM


you don’t know who sat in the seat before. You don’t know how clean or dirty their hair was, so why lean your head back against the same place they rested theirs? Wear a hoodie or cap! Cover your hair and don’t risk catching lice or their head oil.



Use a mouth mask


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Because you’ll regret it when the dude next to you sneezes. Don’t worry about looking funny, you’ll look smart and others wish they had one too.



Use sanitizer




Keep some with you at all times and use often, especially after coming out of those nasty airplane porta-potties.



Wear socks




Don’t walk around barefoot, that is disgusting and I will defriend you. Keep socks handy and put them on when you remove your shoes to get more comfy. Then place those socks in the laundry basket when you get home. I’ve seen dumbasses come out of the bathroom with bare feet. Hello!!! That ain’t French perfume on the floor around the toilet bowl!







On airplanes and in any public restrooms. Do not sit down. Squat! And you all wonder how I have such strong, solid, perfectly shaped quads…



Don’t touch the magazines




Don’t touch them. Leave them in the seat pocket in front of you. Research shows that magazines hold the most bacteria on airplanes. Don’t touch them, and while you’re at it, don’t touch anything else on the plane. And if you do, pull out that hand sanitizer.







When you land, shower. Don’t go to bed before you wash your entire body and hair. You’ll feel and look better once all that shared air and grime is washed off of you.







As much as you tried to avoid touching things on the airplane, you did. Put your clothes to wash as soon as you get home. They’re dirty. They sat in old chairs that strangers sweat and drooled in.



Use your own pillow




If you use your own neck rest pillow thing, please wash/clean/sanitize it after each flight. If not, and you get sick, I won’t feel sorry for you.



‘Quarantine’ your luggage




It has been in some pretty nasty places: overhead compartments, below the plane, conveyor belts, etc. When you get home or to your hotel, don’t put your luggage on the bed! Especially a small carryon like a back pack or computer bag. Don’t place them on your bed, don’t go to bed with those germs! Keep them on the ground or on a specific luggage rack.



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