Spruce Up Your Home With These Arab Handmade Products

A glistening marble vase sitting next to a wicker threaded white lamp would describe a house decorated with a touch of local Arab talent. At a time when import restrictions are at a highest, more people are leaning towards locally produced decor pieces to accentuate their homes. These brands have been taking over the online sphere with more shops using Instagram as their main platform. To try out some of the region’s top local brands, the Scoop Team made a collection of the best in handmade home decor.

Mud Products

Simplicity and elegance at its finest, MUD studios is home to artisanal clay and marble products. Formed by a group of creative designers in 2013, the online store offers products ranging from uniquely shaped pastel colored pencil pots to glossy thick marbled plates. Marbled coasters, toothbrush holders and ashtrays speckled with gold are also part of their repertoire.

The design team would first research and undergo long brainstorming sessions to come up with the designs. Then each of their products would get handmade in large warehouses. Their clay pots are sculpted by professional artists while their marble plates are cut and shaped using stone cutters.

You can check out their products through their Instagram page and website.


Bringing an earthy feel to any home, LRNCE is the Marrakech-based lifestyle brand all about creating specially designed pieces to add a unique flair to one’s home. Founded by Belgian sun chaser Laurence Leenart in 2013, LRNCE carefully designs homemade products including their hand-painted ceramic vases, jugs, bowls and the like dominated by simple shapes like circles, stripes and swirls in bold colors.

Beyond that, the brand is also known for its textile products like their rugs which don the same shapes and colors of their ceramic collection. They even have a white rug designed with a yellow circle, several lines as well as randomly shaped objects. These kinds of products mesh perfectly with dark floored or mud brick style houses.

You can check out their products through their Instagram page and website.

Nomades Home Art

A young Lebanese trio decided to channel their love and passion for home decor by creating their very own brand called Nomades Home Art. For each of their unique pieces, the trio always try to pool inspiration from different journeys and travels across cities, villages, tribes, cultures and ways of living. That is what makes their work eclectic and special whether its their emerald candlesticks, mother of pearl old mirrors or beautifully illustrated and hand-painted plates.

Beyond that, they offer many other unique pieces including their sultan head vases as well as Antar and Abla wall art that will make you feel as though you travelled back to the Arab middle ages. Adding any of their pieces to your home will satiate your sense of wanderlust and add a touch of travel and adventure.

You can check out their products through their Instagram page.

Marylynna Massoud & Rasha Nawam

Lebanese ceramists Massoud and Nawam have been tapping into their creative prowess since 2007, taking part in a number of solo and group exhibitions in New York, Paris, Dubai, Beirut and many more. Today, they have their very own decor brand where they create some of the most outlandish and quirky vases and pots that stem from their artistic background.

Bringing something new to the table, each of their ceramic creations boasts an imperfect design style with uneven and curved edges and unconventional shapes. If you are into the more whimsical types of pots and pans than this brand is for you.

You can check out their products through their Instagram page.


Since opening its doors back in 2013, the UAE-based Silsal Design House made a name for itself across the region as a prominent home décor brand. Today, it is one of the region’s biggest homeware brands operating an online retail store as well as 45 outlets scattered across 6 countries. Inspired by the Middle East’s rich artistic heritage, the brand brings long-forgotten artistic styles into contemporary homes, merging the two worlds together.

Known for their pots, vases, centerpieces and the like, a lot of their pieces are full fledged artistic collaborations. A great example is their Joud vase made in collaboration with Jordanian artist and illustrator Dina Fawakhiri. Each vase is emblazoned with quirky calligraphy that says “Charraftouna w Nawwartouna”, meaning ‘Most Welcome’.

You can check out their products through their Instagram page and website.

NOULA Home Decor

Egyptians Omar Laz, Nour and Sarah Bahaa, the founders of NOULA Home Decor wanted to create a platform to help people design their homes based on their own taste. Mainly specialized in wood, they create everything from mirrors, tables, coasters and pretty much any product you can design your house with.

They also offer the option to customize any product. If customers have a certain design in mind, NOULA had help bring it to life. They also work with steel, bamboo, brass, copper and fabrics.

You can browse through their products on their Instagram page.

The ART Trove

Springing from Jordan, the Art Trove is a home decor brand that mixes together local artisanal creativity with contemporary handcrafted decor. Spearheaded by Aya Toukan, an artist from Amman, Jordan who created the brand out of a passion towards celebrating artisanal talent. Every piece made by the ART Trove is inspired by everything from bubbly street markets to Aya’s travels.

The brand is known to specialize in transparent trays marked by bold and whimsical designs including a golden yellow sun, a dreams cape of colorful tulips and a playful balloon dog. They are also known for their colorful hand beaded coasters that also boast fun designs including that of a watermelon and a playful balloon coasters.

You can browse through their home products on their Instagram page.

Orient 499

Boasting an eclectic range of products, from fashion to home decor, Orient 499 is the Beirut brand all about handcrafting timeless pieces for the masses. This special brand is known for their wall pieces especially their handcrafted artistic wall calligraphy set pieces with unique phrases pertaining to Lebanon’s culture including “Beirut El Leil” (Beirut at Night).

They are also known for their decorative handmade plates adorned with colorful patterned designs, the perfect addition to upping any tablescape. They also create unique mirrors surrounded by straw-like tufts, adding a bohemian touch to any home.

You can browse through their home products on their Instagram page.

With all these home decor products, you will be adding a unique and artistic touch to your home. Each brand boasts different kinds of aesthetics, moods and designs. What’s is great about a lot of them is that they focus on bringing Arab heritage to the forefront making them a great way to connect to one’s culture and rich past.

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