Bridging Art & Fashion: Jwan Yosef Collaborates With CDLP On New Artist Essentials Capsule

Known as a longtime friend of CDLP, Syrian born conceptual artist Jwan Yosef was part of the luxury design house’s latest venture into fashion. Going back to basics by creating a new line all about essential attire for an everyday artist made up of a coverall and two t-shirts. Sharing their latest project on Instagram, we get to see Yosef donned in CDLP’s beige coverall as he narrates the story behind the new capsule.

Throughout the video, we learn how there is an intrinsic connection between an artist and their coverall, “the first thing I do is to undress and dress into my coverall. It’s a very basic garment, but what it does is that it covers your whole body, and it becomes this ceremonial experience of having something used repeatedly for this one purpose, which is to create art” said Yosef.


The coverall is considered CDLP’s first product made at Sweden’s Malmö Industries. It is tailored and made specially for artists using a unique blend of woven Tencel lyocell and linen. Boasting a sustainable and environmental friendly approach, each line is released in batches of 50 pieces. Two heavyweight t-shirts complete the unique capsule.

You can check out the CDLP’s Artist Essentials Capsule through their official website as well as their Instagram page.

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