Spooky Suppers and Medieval Feasts: Dining Beyond the Norm in the Middle East

On dining experiences like no other, where every bite is a journey and every setting is a story waiting to unfold.

From intriguing atmospheres to unconventional themes, these dining destinations promise delight and surprise, each offering an unforgettable experience that goes beyond just a meal, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Ossiano, Dubai

You can experience something really cool at Ossiano, which is a fancy restaurant in Atlantis, The Palm Hotel in Dubai.

It’s underwater, so you can see all kinds of fish while you eat yummy Mediterranean and seafood dishes made by Chef Gregoire Berger, who won a big award for his cooking.

It’s a great place for special celebrations or romantic dinners. Ossiano has a calm atmosphere and lots of different kinds of drinks, so you’ll have a super memorable meal there!

Chillout Ice Lounge, Dubai

Located inside Times Square Center, the Chillout Lounge is the first ice lounge in the Middle East. When it’s super hot outside, sometimes the only way to cool down is by hanging out in a place made entirely of ice.

Everything in the Chillout Lounge, from the seats to the tables, is made of ice. They provide warm clothes to wear so you don’t get too cold while you chill out.

But if you’re not freezing, you can always get a hot chocolate from the bar instead. It’s a fun place to visit if you want a unique experience and to escape the heat!

Trend, Jeddah

This place in Jeddah is known for its incredible decor. Dinner there is quite an experience, with a spooky atmosphere that’s there all year round, ranging from fun and quirky to downright eerie.

The waiters wear masks that can give you chills. It’s hard to understand why anyone would choose to dine in such a place. But surprisingly, some even bring their kids along! Maybe the delicious food makes up for the creepy vibes. It’s definitely a dinner you won’t forget in a hurry!

Viking Restaurant, UAE

Located in Shop No. 4, Liwara 1, this restaurant gives you a cool medieval vibe as soon as you walk in.

Everything looks like it’s from the past, from the lamps to the plates and silverware. It’s got two floors and tall ceilings, with round iron lamps that look like candle holders. It’s kind of dark inside but cozy, with lots of candles on the tables.

The tables and benches are made of wood, and the benches have fur on them. The silverware and steak knives also fit the medieval theme.

These exceptional dining spots welcome you to enjoy delicious food and make special memories in a really cool atmosphere.

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