Spartan World Championship Heads To Abu Dhabi For The Second Time With Another Challenging Course!

Since the dawn of time, a favorite form of entertainment took place where fighters, warriors, and knights in shining armors would undergo grueling obstacles as onlookers held their breaths. Fast forward to the 21st century with 2010 introducing new obstacle fitness races that require strength, endurance, speed, and willpower. The Middle East has entered the arena for a second time as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) hosts the obstacle race, Spartan, once again.

The Beginning

How did the name “Spartan” originate? The famous Spartan warriors who guarded the Greek city-state inspired the name. The Spartan Race, as we know it now, was one of the first obstacle course races in the world, and it has since grown to become a worldwide event. The Race was developed by Joe DeSena in order to bring a new type of adventure race to a wider audience.

Before Sparta, there was a “Death Race.” DeSena and co-creator Andrew Weinberg’s first race, Death Race, took place in 2004. It was a 48-hour race held on DeSena’s Vermont house that gained national attention for its absurd race rules and the fact that only a few people actually “finished” it. DeSena established Spartan Race in 2010 as a way to provide adventure races to a wider audience.

Race Growth

According to OCR Insight, for the first time in the company’s history, one million people competed in a Spartan Race in 2015. There were 120 tournaments held in 20 nations that year. In addition, participation increased in 2016 and 2017, with additional venue sites and the introduction of the Hurricane Heat, a 12-hour endurance race, as well as the Spartan Race Ultra Beast (26+ miles of obstacles).

On Dec. 3–4, the Spartan Race will return to Abu Dhabi for the second time, with the top obstacle course racing competitors from across the world taking on a demanding new course. The first race was held in the beautiful oasis of Liwa in 2021. This year, the event will be held in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi. With wide sand dune pathways, the course is reminiscent of the desert. The location of the event will be around 30 minutes from Abu Dhabi City and Abu Dhabi International Airport. Both local and international competitors and participants will benefit from this handy location.

What is the process to participate in this legendary event and what is the prize money? Simple! On Saturday, Dec. 3, the Spartan athletes who qualified during the racing season will compete in the men’s and women’s solo World Championship Super for a total prize pool of more than $125,000. In addition, on Sunday, Dec. 4, the Team World Championship Super will be placed.

The race appears to be hard, but it’s mostly designed for athletes who want to put their bodies and minds to the test while enjoying the thrill of the hurdles ahead.

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