From Being Late To Getting Out of A Bad Date: Here’s Why We’re Loving Uber’s Latest Ramadan Campaign

The feeling of being late for a meeting with an already not-so-happy boss. You overslept. There’s no local cab in sight. Even if there was a cab you check your pockets you’ve no cash and with where you’re heading they’d probably refuse to take you anyway. It’s hot and the scorching sun won’t let you forget your situation. What do you do? In this instance, a light breeze caresses your face and you hear the word…Uber. Like a knight in shining armor, you remember that not all heroes wear capes, so you send out a Batman signal. Uber is not just an accessible platform connecting you to a multitude of skilled drivers that you can depend on. With keywords being reliable and efficient, Uber’s professionalism is a key factor in its success. The safety and comfort of their customers are their primary priority, and they strive to deliver an experience that allows people to know that no matter what happens, Uber will always be there for them, be it that you’re late for a meeting or your own wedding.

Creativity Intertwined Within Marketing

Nowadays, marketing has taken a more creative turn, with some businesses creating ads and campaigns that showcase the product’s essence. Do you know what’s even smarter? Creating a campaign and advertisements that depict the product’s use in a way that is easily relatable to the community. Consequently, the campaign becomes more personable and relevant to society’s demands. Moreover, Uber has done an excellent job of capturing scenarios where Uber comes to the rescue.

Therefore, this Ramadan, Uber is launching an extraordinary campaign titled ‘order. arrived.’ providing you with all the situations you find yourself in and need to use your Batman signal. The catchy campaign has been relatable and showcased how Uber really has saved the day more than once. Everyone has a moment of, “I need to get out of here” or, “I’m so late” more than once in their life, and the campaign has captured those moments authentically.

Ads that will blow your mind!

Bad date? You told your friend to call you with an ’emergency’ so you can get out of a bad date, but the minutes have turned to hours and the call hasn’t come. Rely on Uber instead.

You’re on a road trip with friends, you hear a rumble, your friend claims to be an engineer, so all should be fine if the car breaks down right? right? Wrong. Rely on an Uber instead.

Why do we love this campaign?

We’re 25 days into Ramadan, but Uber’s advertisement is the most relatable since it acknowledges scenarios that have happened to us before. That is where the genuine brilliance of this campaign lies! What’s more, the commercial shows Uber as much more than just a service, but as an organization that people can rely on in any situation. The exceptional story-telling, as well as the ability to put Uber’s service into a real-life setting, set these advertisements apart from other Ramadan ads. That is why we are so in love with the campaign. But it’s not just story-telling and relevance, it is also how it reaches out to the right audience and age demographic as well as the language being spoken. Additionally, the ads are unique as they build on the situation and then insert a call for action, which will be in that case: Requesting an Uber. Beautifully done, thoughtful, and speaking directly to the customers. We can’t forget the actors who portrayed their frustration so adequately, making us believe that the situation there can’t be dealt with in any other way and that ordering an Uber is their salvation.

Uber is distinguished from other services not only by its reliability but also by the promptness and commitment it has demonstrated throughout its operations. Isn’t it true that we all want Uber to arrive quickly? Being on time in Egypt’s traffic is difficult, but Uber has defied the odds and is ready to take you on a wild journey!

Want to embark on a journey but you’re stuck in a conversation that you can not get out of, the perfect way, “Oh have to go, my Uber’s arrived.” Rely on an Uber to cut a conversation short. Cleverly done to be relatable and amusing, the storytelling has caught the gist of what Uber means to its users. Remember the guy who was late for his meeting, well he called an Uber and turned his boss’s frown…upside down. Rely on Uber.

WE SAID THIS: Uber is guaranteed to get you there on Uber time, not Egypt time!