Somaya ElKhashab Exposes Ahmed Saad as Domestic Abuser in Tell-All Interview

Just when we thought Ahmed Saad’s interview on Basma Wahba’s “Sheikh ElHara” show was cringy, Somaya ElKhashab left viewers with jaws dropped to the floor.

One of social media’s biggest obsessions is the ongoing story of Saad and ElKhashab’s erratic relationship, whether it’s Saad’s ex bashing him in interviews, the couple throwing a cozy yet viral wedding party, or the recent divorce. Everything Saad and ElKhashab do for some reason goes viral.

Saad has lately been flaunting about the fact that his ex-wife did not see the divorce coming, a claim which Somaya denies. According to her, she filed for a divorce before him.

To our surprise, Saad was interviewed earlier this Ramadan by Basma Wahba, hostess of Al Qahera wel Nas’s talkshow Sheikh ElHara, and it was a disturbing exposé of his marriage to the Egyptian actress.

It goes without saying, Somaya ElKhashab had to return the favor and stand up for herself in a similar interview. From accusing him of domestic abuse, beating her until her spleen exploded, ending up in an operating room, describing how she lived under constant danger, and denying allegations that she financially manipulated him, this is the ultimate revenge interview.

Watch the shocking interview below:

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