Ahmed Saad Announces Getting Divorced on Instagram and Comments Are Distasteful

One of Egypt’s most talked-about marriages in celebrity la-la land is surprisingly not Dina El-Sherbini and Amr Diab. The most Internet famous couple the past year has been, without doubt, Ahmed Saad and Somaya El-Khashab.

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يا رب حب طول العمر ان شاء الله ?

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, Singer Ahmed Saad was engaged to actress Reem El-Baroudy, and the relationship ended on not-so-healthy terms. Next thing you know, Saad gets engaged to El-Khashab and Reem El-Baroudy is bashing him on every satellite TV channel.

Although, the couple has been all over social media acting like love birds, alas, all good Egyptian things come to an end. Saad announced this morning; at 7 AM, that he decided to leave Somaya and dedicate his love to his children.



Celebrities are known for their inability to maintain healthy and stable relationships due to their lifestyle, so the news did not come as a surprise. However, the insensitive comments the man got were extremely unnecessary.


Translation: How active of you? Who gets divorced at 7 AM? Give her a chance to wake up and wash her face.
Translation: Someone mention Reem El-Baroudy, people! Tell her she got her rights back.
Translation: Do you only remember your kids when you get a divorce?
Translation: She reached her expiry date.
Translation: Just because you woke up before her and saw her face without makeup doesn’t mean to recklessly divorce her. Give her a chance to wash her face.

On the other side of the globe, another celebrity came out yesterday with a statement about being in the public eye during personal tragedies. The biggest reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, released a teaser of their upcoming season showing Khloe Kardashian in tears over dealing with a breakup’s humiliation publicly. The Kardashian described herself as more than a TV personality, but a human and people forget that.

Social media never ceases to surprise us with infinite hate and insensitivity. People tend to forget that celebrities share bits and pieces of their personal lives out of appreciation to their fans and that their comments actually mess with their heads.

Can you imagine a friend texting you that he’s getting a divorce and you replying, “Did you see her without makeup”? No, you can’t!


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