Asma Sherif Mounir’s Comments on El Sharaawi Create Social Media Backlash


Social media wasn’t kind at all with TV Presenter and beauty blogger, Asma Sherif Mounir in the past week. She received a very tough backlash following her comments on Muslim Scholar and former Egyptian Minister of Endowments and Muslim Jurist Muhammad Mutawalli El Sharaawi.

The whole issue started when Asma was asking her followers which scholars do they listen to because she needed recommendations of someone who’s considered to lean towards being moderate. One of the people who answered recommended El Sharaawi, one of the most popular scholars in Egyptian history.

Asma replied that she used to listen to him while she was young and didn’t understand much, and when she grew older and rewatched his videos she thought they were radical. The backlash for this comment was very harsh and people attacked her immensely following her ‘opinion’. Check the video below as she explains the whole situation to Amr Adib.

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