Dear Fares, You Just Found out You’re a Dad, Get It Together

One of the most successful TV series of 2019 is hands down Aroos Beirut. The romantic drama features two of the Arab World’s favorite stars; Dhafer L’abidine and Carmen Bsaibes.

The Lebanese series follows the story of an orphan, played by Carmen, who was raised by her aunt and becomes a singer. Later on, she meets business tycoon and prince charming, played by Dhafer L’abidine, and fall madly in love.

Even though the series is currently airing and not in Ramadan, it’s all over social media and everyone is talking about it. This week, recent events in the series made it super trending again. Dhafer’s character, Fares, found out he’s a father from his ex-wife. Yet he still managed to do a huge surprise for his current pregnant wife, Thoraya.

Followers of the series on social media are split between those who are in love with the surprise and are amazed by it, and others who think that Fares is very cheesy and that this is too much given that he just found out about the life-changing news. Let us know which group do you belong to, and share your opinion about the hit series.

WE SAID THIS: Looking forward to seeing how things will turn out!

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