SNL Bel Arabi Cast Hilariously Spoofs Lamis ElHadidy Right in Front of Her

In case you’re not watching the awesomeness that is Saturday Night Live Bel Arabi now that it is getting aired on CBC, you need to know that there is a genius on the show called Eslam Ebraheem and he is the next biggest comedian in the Middle East. Ebraheem has made a name for himself among SNL Bel Arabi’s fans with his sense of humor, epic sketches and his crazy spot-on impersonations.


One of Ebraheem’s funniest recent re-enactments was Amr Adib at a marriage councilor with Lamis ElHadidy’s character played by Noor Kadry.  Last night, the whole cast was invited at Lamis ElHadidy’s show Hona El3asema, and in true SNL fashion, they spoofed her. Twice. Right in front of her face, and it was the kind of humor we needed on TV. Eslam Ebraheem is the man we want in every movie and mosalsal this year.



Watch the amazing videos below:





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