Show Your Skin Some Love; Skin Detox for the New Year

Every day, you encounter pollutants, toxins, product buildup from makeup, and stress. These factors can accumulate throughout the year and can take a toll on your skin, causing breakouts or giving you a dull, lifeless complexion.

Start the year right and give your skin some much-needed love in time for the new decade through skin detox! “Detox” isn’t just some buzzword—it’s an effective method that will leave you feeling good from the inside out while giving you acne-free and glowing skin!

Your Skin and You

The human body is already well-equipped to remove toxins from your system. However, it needs your help from time to time.

The skin is the biggest organ in your body. If one part of your body is off-balance, it shows on your skin. One example is the relationship between your skin and gut. If your gut microbiome is in disarray, the effects will manifest on your skin, causing inflammation, rashes, or pain.

Your skin gives you a good glimpse of your health. These telltale signs shouldn’t be ignored. Here are some signs that tell you your skin needs a detox:

  • A dull appearance of skin
  • Acne
  • Itchy, rough, or dry skin
  • Overproduction of skin oils

These skin issues can be caused by factors such as your diet, lifestyle, stress levels, and components in the cosmetics that you use.

Skin Detox Tips

Eliminate toxins

When beginning a detox, it’s best to begin by lightning up your toxin load. Eliminate or reduce your intake of substances such as coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes. Minimizing the use of chemical-based personal health care products by substituting them with natural alternatives also helps.

Drink water

Hydrating is the easiest way to rejuvenate your skin. Make sure you drink at least 4-6 cups a day to help your kidney flush out those toxins.

Have a regular daily skincare routine

A skincare regimen can draw out toxins from your skin, removing impurities like blackheads while hydrating your skin and leaving it feeling firm and tight.

  • Cleanse

Cleansing is an important step to remove the day’s dirt and debris from your skin. You can use a gentle exfoliating cleanser to help remove skin pollutants and dead skin cells, giving you a brighter, more youthful complexion.

  • Tone

After cleansing, use a toner to help restore your skin’s natural pH levels.

  • Moisturize

Cleansing and toning can strip off some of your skin’s natural oils. Use a moisturizer to restore your skin’s natural moisture levels, leaving it feeling soft and soothed.

Detoxifying your skin can take some time before you see actual results. But all the hard work will be worth it when you welcome the new year with skin that is full of life!

We said this: Start the new year off right!