A Shout Out to All the Single Moms Doing a Man’s Job


It hurts me every time I hear a man saying he cannot consider a single mom as a wife. I’m fully aware of the emotional struggle of taking care and raising someone’s else’s kids for the sake of love, it is a tough decision. However, when I just pause for a second and look thoroughly into the life of a single mother, I feel nothing but admiration and inspiration.

Divorced, abandoned or widowed, these women provide emotionally and financially for their children, sometimes without any aid from the father. It is awfully challenging on any imaginable level. A single mom wakes up at dawn, prepares school lunch boxes, bathes, dresses and entertains the kids, helps with homework, all while going to work to put food on the table and pay for ridiculously overpriced schools and, even worse, she lives with her parents so they can help her out, which ends up as a power struggle over raising the kids. Some of them even can’t afford hiring maids or nannies.

Every day, I think about how they handle the stress that can sometimes be too much of a burden on a happily married couple or how difficult it is for her to take her kids to events where most children are accompanied by fathers. Not to mention the struggle of convincing the children that they are loved and were never abandoned or even explain to them where the father is.

That being said, this is a shout out to every single mom out there who is killing it day and night. You are the super mommies of the world, an inspiration, and I can only hope all women are half the women you are.



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