Shark Takes the Life of a Czech Tourist in Egypt’s Marsa Allam

The coast of Marsa Alam witnessed drastic events on Friday the 3rd of August, as a Czech man was killed by a shark while swimming off the coast, a local Czech media reported.

Via vacances-migros.c

The report of the 41-year-old tourist was confirmed by Czech media organization Lidovky. The Czech tourist was reportedly on a holiday with his wife and children through Exim Tours travel agency. A spokesperson for Exim Tours said that the victim’s family hopes to return to their country as soon as possible.

In confusing events, when a part of an unidentified body was found off the coast of a resort in Marsa Alam on Friday evening, several Egyptian media outlets reported on the accident then the reports were removed afterward.

WE SAID THIS: Our prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to his family!