Scoop Empire’s Top Articles of 2018

It has been one hell of a year if you ask me, from on going political turmoil in our region, to price hikes, to wild summers like no other in the Middle East, to the coolest international stars gracing the regions stage, Saudi Arabia finally allowing women behind the drivers seat, and so much more!

If anything is a representation of our region, it’s the top 10 articles you guys read, shared and reread this year, without further adue, here are 2018’s top 10 articles:

Articles 1 & 2: Places Jordanians & Egyptians can travel to without visas:

It is only obvious that everyone’s main objective was to get on a plane and escape! If we learned anything from you, our readers is that, finding places to travel without visas thus, giving you a smooth hassle free was on the top of your minds.

Article 3: 9 Things that Arab men want woman to know

The ongoing question that no one has an answer to, especially men ” What do women want?” Apparently, thousands upon thousands of you clicked on this article to get to the bottom of this life-long struggle of trying to understand the female mind. So we had one of our male writers let you know what every man wants the women out there to know.

Article 4: 6 Women Tell Us Why They Cheated

An unusual topic to discuss right? Most people think men cheat and it’s men alone who give into infidelity, but when in actual fact women do too, just maybe more subtly.

Curiousity got the best of our readers, leading to everyone clicking through to understand what could actually make a woman unahppy enough to lead her to cheat, as well as what kind of temptation could lead her astray.

Article 5: Outdoor Wedding Venues in Cairo

Looks like some of you actually found out what women want and trust your partners enough to actually take that plunge into the world of nuptials, leading you to look for amazing out-door venues in Cairo.

We hope you all tie the knot in grand style.

Article 6: Egyptian Women Need to Stop Freaking Out About Mounirs Arrival

Apparently Egyptian women were super excited about the arrival of Lebanese hairdresser Mounir coming to Egypt. Excited enough to make this the 6th most read article of the year.

I’m as confused by this, but may you all get the best blow out and dye job ever!

Article 7: Countries Syrians Can Travel to Without A Visa

With all the turmoil in Syria, we’re sure most citizens were and are looking for a way out. Finding countries that will accept them from their war-torn country without difficulty. We really hope this article was of help.

Article 8: Egypt Is the 3rd Fastest Growing Economy Worldwide

Everyone in Egypt has been through one hell of a roller coaster ever since the 2011 Revolution and if it’s anything they need, it is positive news!

The fact that Egypt has been dubbed as the 3rd fastest growing economy in the worldwide seems to be the breath of fresh air for the citizens of Egypt.

Article 9: Arab Girl Receives NASA Offer

Although it turned out to be one big charade, an Egyptian girl took the internet by storm by faking a conversation on social media, that was had between her and NASA, in which they were offering her a job for an insane BBQ idea she had.

Ya, none of the above makes sense we know, just click on the title to find out more.

Article 10: Countries Iraqis can travel to without a visa

Last but not least, it looks like the citizens of another war-torn Arab country were looking for hassle-free travel, being able to know where to travel to, without a visa especially for Middle Easterners is probably one of the regions biggest concerns.

We Said This: We can’t wait to see what you guys will be reading in 2019!