This Arab Girl Received Offers From NASA, SpaceX, Netflix, Buzzfeed, and We Couldn’t Help But Step In

Via Sarah Abouelkhair

Imagine posting a series of funny stories on your personal Instagram account, tagging your celebrity crush, and out of nowhere, they reply back to you! That’s probably just a fraction of what happened to this super funny young Arab girl;  whose series of funny stories made NASA, SpaceX, Netflix, and Buzzfeed, reach out for her with generous offers!

Sarah Abouelkhair was chilling, having fun and created a series of funny Instagram stories to propose a “genius” idea for NASA. The idea was to put a giant BBQ under the rockets they send out in space and use the heat of the rockets to grill the chicken and the meat; creating a huge BBQ party after every rocket that goes off into space.

Check out the full highlight that Sarah has on her profile to see the full funny proposal.

After Sarah’s stories, NASA sent her this: 

Via Sarah’s Instagram

And then SpaceX made a move: 

Via Sarah’s Instagram

Netflix is on team SpaceX and are down to document the whole thing for a Netflix series: 

Via Sarah’s Instagram

And Buzzfeed wants in too: 

Via Sarah’s Instagram

So, we had to step in: 

WE SAID THIS: On a scale from one to Sarah, how lucky do you think you are!?