Misr Elkheir Foundation Collaborates With ‘Yomeddine’ Cast to Support Leprosy Patients

One movie that has shaken the directors, producers, actors, and fans equally and right down to the core was ‘Yomeddine’. The movie that tells the story of a Coptic leper and orphaned apprentice embarking on a life-altering journey together, might be the biggest thing that has happened to Egyptian cinema in 2018.

Nobody, and we literally mean nobody, was safe from the tear jerks and heartaches. Thankfully an organization took things one step further than wiping away the tears. Misr Elkheir announced a collaboration with the cast of ‘Yomeddine’ movie in hopes of saving the leper community.

في مستعمرة #الجذام، أتقابل فضول AB Shawky – أبوبكر شوقي بقصة أجمل قلب، عم راضي. اسمع قصة صناع فيلم يوم الدين Yomeddine Film. تقدر تقدم دعمك من خلال: https://misrelkheir.org/cause/support-leprosy-patients-2/

Posted by Misr El Kheir Foundation on Sunday, October 21, 2018

With every donation you make, a leprosy patient will be provided with Faco equipment that is used in eye treatment procedures, such as Cataract and Glaucoma surgeries. One thing ‘Yomeddine’ has brilliantly achieved is shedding light and shattering stereotypes for the leprosy community.

WE SAID THIS: You can donate here.