Here’s Why Jordan Is About to Receive the 2018 World Tourism Award!


As part of the opening day of the World Travel Market in London on the fifth of November, the 2018 World Tourism Awards will be presented to the Jordan Trail Association, alongside two other winners.

The Jordan Trail Association is a Jordanian non-profit NGO founded in 2015. It will be rewarded in recognition of its commitment to developing, maintaining, and promoting the Jordan Trail as a platform for socio-economic development for the 52 villages along its path, with an impact of $6 million to date, according to a statement by World Tourism Awards.

Via Jordan Trail Association

The Jordan Trail is a 650 KM long trail that stretches from Umm Qais in Northern Jordan to the coastal city of Aqaba in the south. The trail passes through 52 villages and towns and has been dissected to 35 sections. The entire length of the trail takes around 40 days to complete.

The CEO of the Jordan Trail Association Bashir Daoud commented, “The association’s achievement being awarded one of the most prestigious tourism awards in the world is only the culmination of the efforts of the association’s board and executive team in developing and promoting the trail as an exceptional tourist destination, which is already at the top of the pyramid of adventure tourism in the world, which made the trail a top destination for all adventure tourists in the world.” He then added, “the next challenge is to maintain this progress and excellence despite all the challenges”.

The Jordan Trail Association was awarded the King Abdullah II Decoration of Excellence of the Second Degree, which was granted by His Majesty last May, in acknowledgement of the association’s efforts in placing Jordan on the map of international tourism and for supporting local communities along the Jordan Trail. Moreover, the Jordan Trail was named as one of the top destinations of the world by National Geographic Traveller Magazine for 2018.

In a similar manner, the Trail received a lot of international media coverage since its inception in 2015, from the British Sunday Times, the Guardian, Condé Nast, Vogue US, and Lonely Planet.

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