Saudi Women Go To Twitter for the Ultimate “Driving” Support System!

For so many Saudi women the mere thought of sitting behind the wheels was nothing but a wild dream. Fast forward into 2018 and every dream they had is slowly turning into a reality.

This June, everyone in Saudi Arabia is anticipating the arrival of excited driving women. Yet, they have to get over yet another inconvenience: Driving lessons.

For those with experience, 30 hours on the road are needed to apply for a license, and 90 hours for women with no driving experience.

Lessons start at 60 Riyals, women everywhere believed they’re being overcharged, and gladly Hanaa ElDhafery came to the rescue with a selfless initiative. ELDhafery took to Twitter to offer free driving lessons with a hashtag #مستعده_أدرب (which translates to I am Ready to train) and it obviously went viral.

If you need help with your skills, you can now practice in parking lots, away from crowded roads after Ramadan with whoever offer their services with the hashtag.

WE SAID THIS: Who run the world? Saudi women.