Saudi Set To Make History At Its First Official Fashion Week in Riyadh

By Mariam Sarhan

Thirty Saudi brands will be showcased at Riyadh’s Fashion Week which is set to run next month from the 20th to the 23rd of October held at the Paris’s Hôtel d’Évreux in the Kingdom’s capital.

Riyadh’s first Fashion Week will feature a mix of local and international designers aimed to showcase modest fashion. Although the country is often viewed in the West for having a dress code of mostly black abayas, the women of Saudi are fluent in the fashion world.

Some of the local brands to take the runway include Pavone, Dazluq, Not Boring, and Uscita.

Via Vogue Arabia

The Saudi Fashion Commission aims to close the gap between the local sector and the international sector. In order to bridge the gaps between the local sector and the larger global fashion business, the commission was founded in 2019 with the goals of building a thriving fashion sector within the Kingdom, promoting local designers, and providing work possibilities for young Saudi creatives.

Burak Cakmak, CEO of the Saudi Fashion Commission said, “for the first time ever, we are welcoming the global fashion community to the epicenter of Saudi fashion, here in Riyadh.”

The first fashion week in Saudi Arabia is the next step to acknowledge and encourage the originality of local talent given the considerable recent evolution of Saudi’s design sector.

The kingdom’s ever-growing fashion industry is set to create 230,000 jobs which is 1.8 percent of the domestic workforce.

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