Sahel’s Latest 2021 List of Quick Bites

If you’re living near the North Coast or go there regularly for vacation, you’ll probably want to read this. Introducing the best places in the North Coast for a tasty meal, here’s a list of great restaurants you can visit with your family, friends, or enjoy on your own. We dove deep into the food scene that we’re ecstatic on trying out this summer, with the newest additions of restaurants that opened up in the North Coast. Sahel’s best restaurants guarantee you a summer experience in all the right ways, so here we come!


Ready to fuel up? Carbs offers some absolute delightful meals to carb up with including mac ‘n’ cheese, golden fries, savory spaghetti, and more! Check them out at The Park in Marassi.


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This sandwich shop consists of a unique selection of flavorsome tastes, and is open in Hacienda White, North Coast. Offering all kinds of sandwiches, you need to go all out on this one!


Do you smell the coal burning? Well you will, because Flame’s chargrilled burgers are now available in their social pop-up events catering services! Open in Bianchi, Sidi Abdel Rahman, drop by…or many times for a completely redefined experience of grills.

Holy Fry

Situated at Swan Lake in Sahel, Holy Fry is every fry lover’s dream! These golden fries and wedges come with sauces that flood your taste senses, so make sure to pay them a visit.

Kami Katsu

Kami Katsu offers an assortment of Japanese street food, giving you the ultimate travel experience, all within the comforts of Marassi Beach Clubhouse. With luscious sandwiches and the tastiest additions, Kami Katsu is the first of its kind in Egypt.


Just when we thought our love for shawerma couldn’t get any bigger, that all changes with Laffa’s shawerma wraps on wheels! From chicken hummus to chicken harissa, don’t miss this heaven on wheels at Bianchi in the North Coast.

Lobster Kitchen

Finally the Lobster Roll-Key Lime Shrimps are heading our way with the Lobster Kitchen. Guess we’ll sea you there!

Longhorn Texas BBQ

Located in Diplo, North Coast, Longhorn Texas BBQ is nothing short of authentic grilling to perfection! Regardless if you go for the slow cooked prime beef and/or mac ‘n’ cheese, Longhorn offers a balanced menu filled with protein, carbs, and vegetables.

The Mattar Farm

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A restaurant for all meat lovers. The Mattar Farm serves the best-smoked meats in the Arab world hands down. From ribs and steaks to meatloaf and much, much, more, The Mattar Farm offers a delicious mix of spices thrown in the main course meals.


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Italian food has never been more appealing more than it already is. This isn’t just any Italian food though. Panzini serves Italian street food, giving you the whole range of the Italian experience right in Diplo, Sidi Abdelrahman, and the ingredients come straight from Italy.

The Pizza Truck

“Serving some serious dough,” is definitely what The Pizza Truck is all about! You can find them at The Hangout in Bianchi, and try out their Truffle Fungi Pizza, or for the sweet tooths out there, go for their Lotus Pizza as well.

Sando Haus

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This Asian restaurant brings back childhood memories in Japanese style. It has sandwiches like you never knew, bursting with 90’s flavors. Start your day with a meal in Sahel’s Sando Haus to truly get a taste of Japan!


For an authentic cultural taste of Asia make sure to head to Hacienda White’s YugoEG, and immerse yourself in the tastes of Asia by the sea!

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