Rumor has it these 6 women have been cast on the Real Housewives of Dubai!

The Bravo TV Network has decided to begin filming the Dubai edition of the beloved show, Real Housewives. The Real Housewives of Orange County was the first one to air in 2006, and the show’s popularity soared, prompting the producers to make two additional shows, one in New York and the other in Atlanta. Dubai, however, was added to the list due to it being regarded as a city of dreams, where the successful try to positively influence the community, making it even more important to share the numerous success stories from the city with the rest of the world.

The show will be filmed in Dubai with a cast of exceptional talent, and is expected to start airing sometime in 2022.

Here’s a list of those rumored to appear:

Sara Al-Madani: A well-known fashion designer, restaurant owner, and entrepreneur. At the age of 15, she was inspired to start her own business and became a successful business woman. Born in Sharjah, UAE, her road of accomplishments started from there and is expected to be casted on the Real Housewives of Dubai.

Caroline Stanbury: Stanbury was born in London, UK, and began her career as a personal stylist. She rose through the ranks of the Ladies of London to become a three-season regular. Her spouse currently works as a partner in an investment firm in Dubai, where she’s relocated, and it’s speculated that she’ll be a cast member of the show.

Caroline Brooks: A real estate tycoon from Boston who now lives in Dubai, Brooks is the Executive Director of RentDXB and runs several real-estate acquisitions for large companies and corporate organizations in Dubai, and rumor has it that she’ll be on the cast for the Real Housewives of Dubai.

Lesa Milan Hall: Former Miss Jamaica and successful fashion designer, entrepreneur and television star, Hall is the founder of children’s educational brand ‘My Little Makers,’ which produces toys and books. In addition, she’s also the founder and chief designer of maternity fashion brand ‘Mina Roe.’ Hall currently lives in Dubai, making a positive impact and creating jobs within the community, and might just be appearing on the show!

Chanel Ayan: Ayan is Dubai’s top model and first black model to appear on magazine covers in Dubai. Born in Kenya and of Somali origin, Ayan began modeling in Kenya as her cousin urged her to try, leaving Kenya at the age of 17 after a brief stint in Kenya doing TV advertisements. We’re definitely stoked to have her join the cast of the show if the rumors are true.

Nina Ali: Hailing from Lebanon, Ali was raised in Austin, Texas, and moved to Dubai in 2011. Ali is a lifestyle influencer and owns Fruit Cake, a well-known baking shop in Dubai, and also owns the Phoenix Store, a leading cryptocurrency mining hardware retailer. Through her hard work, Ali became a prestigious individual and a successful business woman, and could possibly be joining the cast of the Real Housewives of Dubai!

Bravo TV’s production for an international version of the popular reality show for the first time will highlight the lives of these six women and how they engage in their communities, as well as their nightlife, career endeavors, and personal lives. For lovers of the original program, this is truly amazing news, as bringing this show to the Middle East is a fantastic opportunity to reveal the Emirati community and all of its facets.

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