For the Record: Self-Directed Videos

The Voice - Season 5

  • Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera have released a studio version of Gaga’s “Do What U Want”, which they had performed together on The Voice stage last month. Aguilera replaces R. Kelly’s explicit lyrics with ones about the pain she experiences when performing live, making it about the fans instead.
  • Ke$ha has directed her own clip for “Dirty Love” and it’s full of sparkles and glitter and dancing and some questionable wardrobe choices – in fact, the only unexpected thing about the song is that I didn’t automatically hate it (but that may just be the Black Keys influences):


  • And here is Jack Johnson’s fantastic new stop-motion video “Shot Reverse Shot”, which he shot himself with just his camera phone balanced on a stack of books:


  • Wasn’t it cute when Justin Bieber retired? Well, he’s back in the studio and working on new music, according to producer Douglas Romanow and photos of them recording at Romanow’s Noble Street Studios.
  • Pussy Riot members Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova have been released from jail two months short of their two-year sentence, and have announced their plans to set up a human rights organization named Zona Prava, or Justice Zone. Speaking at a press conference, they said that they would no longer be using the Pussy Riot name, and that they would never play shows for money, instead focusing on their cause.
  • If you hate James Blunt, please tweet him. Blunt has been making headlines with his Twitter account by trolling the trolls, adding his own sarcastic comments to negative (and sometimes hateful) reviews of his music and person, making him the unofficial winner of Twitter in 2013.
  • And if you love Miley Cyrus, I guarantee it’s not as much as she’s loving herself in this new video:


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