Reasons Why Extreme Early Rising Can Be Beneficial for You

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Climbing out of bed can be the most difficult task anyone can face every morning, mainly because, usually, most people consider themselves as night owls. But, despite that, I’ve discovered that waking up early was the best way to start a day. And by early, I mean waking up at 3:45 am! Apparently I’m not alone in this. I’ve discovered that a few of my friends actually believe in welcoming the sun.

To wake up as early as 4:00 am is the most productive time as you’ll be able to plan your day perfectly before anyone or anything gets the chance to dictate it for you. You’d have this “I own my day” kinda feeling.

Everyone deserves to have this kind of personal time, however, unfortunately not everyone sees the need for this to occur so early in the morning. So, from such habits, I’ve discovered that waking up very early actually has some surprising benefits you should definitely consider taking advantage of. 

First, it’ll simply give you a positive outlook on life. When you wake up earlier than everyone else, your living space is quiet, it’s pitch black outside, and the air fresh and crisp. The scene will be just right to think about your whole life ahead, not only your day.

This morning tranquillity will generate a level of physical and mental clarity with no distractions. With this freedom, you’ll have an unrestricted space to get an early start on whatever you want to do, whether it’s going to the gym to have a good run on the treadmill or it could be work-related or any personal activity you’ve always wanted to start on.

Extreme early risers are always one step ahead before anyone else. Being this calm and collected while everyone else is rushing, stressing out, sluggish at preparing for work, and even arriving at work late. Those negative feelings aren’t the way to start your morning.

Rushing through your day creates an undesirable impression of your life. The likelihood of being sloppy is not the image you want to leave at your workplace. Being up before everyone else gives you time for not only planning, but also strategic thinking, and getting organized.

Please check out the video below for more early rising inspo!

Mark Wahlberg's Daily Routine

Waking up at 2:30am, and that isn't even the worst bit. Mark Wahlberg's daily routine is intense ??

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