Re-Opening of Morocco’s National Finery Museum Home To Oldest Piece Of Jewelry

Following two years of renovation, The National Finery Museum of Rabat has finally reopened its doors. Boasting artistry, history and culture, the museum which used to be a royal residence back in the 17th century stands tall today as one of the few buildings that houses one of the oldest pieces of jewelry in the world. Known as the Bizmoun necklace, it dates back 150,000 years ago and was discovered in the cave of Bizmoun, near Essaouira.

Beyond the necklace, the museum is also home to 350 artifacts including Berber jewelry gifted by Morocco’s King Mohammed VI as well as 8000 other artifacts ranging from jewelry to costumes, bags, belts, and shoes. According to historian, Mohamed Es-Semmar, the museum plays a vital role in preserving Morocco’s rich cultural heritage: “we cannot understand the tangible heritage without adding to it the intangible heritage that is displayed in museums, and the added value that museums provide is that it complements what the Moroccan people in general do and Rabat in particular.”

Since its opening, more than 40,000 visitors have already headed to the National Finery Museum in less than 8 days of its inauguration. Today, even more visitors are flocking to the museum to marvel at Morocco’s rich history and culture as it continues to act as a hub of Moroccan heritage.

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