Raseeni: The Past, Present, And Future Of Tameem Younis’s Groundbreaking Show

Art director, content creator, sometimes singer, and sometimes actor Tameem Younis, is bringing back his best show: Raseeni, a funny and sarcastic show that answers the interesting questions of fans. The fans just ask away unusual questions, and the creators choose specific questions and answer them in a satirical, hilarious way.

The first Raseeni episode was released in September 2011. Over the course of five years, the show released eleven episodes, with the eleventh episode coming out in June 2016. Just around the 6th episode, the show got bigger. It started as a low-budget show with Tameem sitting in front of the camera, with very minimal editing of the video. However, from the 6th episode onwards, the crew invested more preps, effort, and money into it. By that time, the set has improved, as there were visuals and makeup on set, and even occasionally featured famous guests in their episodes.

تميم يونس - تجسيد الشيطان - رسيني الحلقة الثامنة | +18 - YouTube
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Raseeni Show

On April 9th, Tameem posted a picture of himself on a new Instagram account named Raseenishow. Fans immediately knew that it meant the show will be back in no time. The account quickly amassed over 3k followers and on the same day, Tameem posted a video of himself talking about the show, and giving a warning to viewers.

In the video, he talks about how the show is a sarcastic and funny show with no purpose other than to be humorous. Tameem confirms in the video that anything he says in the show is not to be taken seriously. Additionally, he warns viewers that some of the content may come off as racist, sexist, or offensive to some degree. He added that this is said merely for comedic effect, and is not in any way real. Anyone who thinks he/she will be triggered or dislike it, should not watch it, Tameem says.

He later announced on Instagram that they’ve chosen six questions asked by fans, and that they have already started writing some of the content. As the video goes on, Tameem celebrates by doing a little dance in a video. This show was special in every aspect, and the idea of having more has us on the edge!

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