Ramy Gamal’s Sa’af or Ahmed El Ruby’s Sa’fa; Who Did it Better?

Yesterday, the Egyptian singer and composer, Ramy Gamal, released a new song called ‘Sa’af’ (clap), from his new album ‘Ana Lwahdy’ (I’m alone), which is yet to be released.

Upon hearing the name of the song, we immediately remembered the official song for the third edition of El Gouna Film Festival, ‘Sa’fa’, by Ahmed El Ruby. Apart from the name, there were other similarities between the two songs, like how both of them featured so many of our favorite stars.

Almost 10 hours after the video clip was released, it was the number one trend on Youtube.

Among the artists and sports figures who starred in the clip are Esaad Younis, Ahmed El Sakka, Amro Youssef, Ahmed El Saadany, Hamada Helal, Shikabala, and Ramadan Sobhi.

‘Sa’af’ is a joyful song asking people to be more positive about life, even if it’s harsh on them. This is Ramy Gamal’s first song after announcing that he has Vitiligo in November 2019.

At the end of the video clip, Gamal thanks his fans for their emotional support, and says that this song is a gift from him, as well as all the stars, to any of his fans who are going through a hard time or haven’t reached their dream yet.

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