One-on-One With Ahmed El Ruby After His Hit Single Sa’fa

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The third edition of the Gouna Film Festival was, by all means, a huge success. One of the highlights of this year’s GFF was the official song of the third edition, Sa’fa.

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مع بعض نغني تبقى احلى! #سقفة

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The song was produced by Tayarah, and its music video features some of the biggest stars of the Arab world. The artist who wrote and sang the song was Tayarah’s promising talent Ahmed El Ruby, whose choice of words and amazing voice contributed to the immense success of the song. Currently, the song has more than three million views on YouTube.

Ahmed El Ruby has been working in the advertising field for over eight years and is currently working as Tayarah’s Creative Director. In parallel, Ahmed has a passion and talent for singing, which has been fueled by several different releases over the course of his music career, including Tayarah’s ‘Sana Benwada3ha’ and their latest, ‘Sa’fa’. We sat down with Ahmed El Ruby, and here’s how it went.

How did you get inspired to write the song?

Our objective with the song was to encourage those working on the third edition of the Gouna Film Festival and show our support as they continue to work on such an inspiring festival for years to come. This is when I came up with the word ‘sa’fa‘ as the inspiration for the song because I needed an Egyptian slang word that everyone here uses to encourage each other with.

What’s the best thing that happened to you since the release of the song?

Actually, there are two moments worth noting. The first was right after Amr Diab’s concert in El Gouna when I took the stage to sing the song and was joined by many celebrities on stage. The second was when I asked Amr Diab about his opinion regarding the song, and not only did he say he liked it, but he also thought it would be very successful! 

Did you expect that the song would go viral or was it a surprise to you?

To be honest, I didn’t expect it would go as viral, so of course, it was a very pleasant surprise!

If you’d pick someone to do a duet with, who would it be?

There are many artists I aspire to sing with, however, I’d have to go with Cheb Khaled because his music has a different flavor and it’ll provide international exposure.

What’s the best feedback you’ve received on the song so far?

I received a lot of positive feedback regarding the song from people in different industries, but the ones that really hit close to home are the ones that came from people who belong to the music industry, like Amr Diab.

WE SAID THIS: The happiness in this song is just highly contagious!