Join the Campaign! The Bus-Hailing App Bringing Logic Back

With its huge population and diverse society, Egypt is a country where there’s always a story to tell. The hurried commuters, the noisy car horns, and the loud sellers make its busy streets a true reflection of its people. Along with all this comes a litany of illogical situations that make life in Egypt, not just more interesting, but also more eventful.

It’s no surprise that Cairo is called ‘The city that never sleeps’ and you can easily notice why in your daily commutes. From entire extended families piled high on a small motorcycle to toktoks with glass-shattering sound systems; Cairo never ceases to amaze and surprise us.

Swvl, the Cairo-based start-up, launched an online campaign aiming to tackle the illogical world we live in. As part of the campaign, Swvl is “The only logical thing” amidst our everyday journey throughout the streets of Egypt.

Swvl is a bus-hailing app that provides an alternative to public transportation using fixed prices, fixed timings and fixed routes. With its user-friendly features, the app allows users to select their nearest pick-up and drop-off points easily through its logical system. In addition, Swvl has expanded outside Egypt to Kenya and Pakistan.

The campaign is encouraging people to take pictures or videos of anything that they see as illogical, post it and tag Swvl on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag منطقي# to get a free ride. This unique campaign highlights Swvl’s main advantages; time, comfort and prices in contrast with the real and illogical situations people face on a daily basis, setting Swvl apart as the logical and stable factor of Egyptians’ daily lives.

Some of the exceptional content that people have shared already includes camels running on city roads, and a man riding a horse through busy traffic; Clearly, sometimes the traffic in Cairo isn’t just cars!

Being a daily commuter in Egypt presents a unique challenge; There are few to no lanes, and you’ll always have cars appearing from every possible side, sometimes it even feels like things drop in from a completely different dimension! 

So the next time you see a man riding a one-wheeled bike, children sitting happily in a car trunk having their breakfast, or two goats sitting aimlessly in the front seat of the car in front of you, don’t be surprised, just take your phone, take a photo and post it. And don’t forget to tag Swvl! 

سويڤل منطقي

هاڤ آ بيوتيفول ايڤري داي…#سويڤل_منطقي

Posted by Swvl on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

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