Ramesh Gandi; the Dubai Expat Who Won Our Hearts by Drawing His Own

This pandemic has been tough for everyone, and with many people working away from their families and loved ones, it gets even tougher.

While sweeping some dry leaves from a pavement in Downtown Dubai, Ramesh Gangarajam Gandi, an Indian expat who came to Dubai less than a year ago, collected petals from the pavement and arranged them in the shape of a heart. Since then, a picture of him has been going viral, with people describing how sweet and sincere it looks. Gandi explained that he was missing his wife who he didn’t get to spend much time with after the wedding due to traveling to Dubai for work.

via The National

The Ministry of Community Development later contacted Gandi through his employer and sent him a gift pack to show their love and support to him.

Nesma Farahat, who originally captured the photo and posted it online, said that she was overwhelmed by people’s response, from reaching out to her to help him, or even expressing their admiration for the beauty of the moment she captured. Many people shared the picture, including His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, who shared it on his Instagram story.

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